Payroll for Household Employees

We have our own proprietary in-house payroll platform that allows us to provide payroll services to families, households and household employees.  We handle all aspects of the process including issuing the payroll checks to filing all of the required tax obligations relieving you of headaches and stress.

Our payroll platform is fully scalable and customizable to:

  • Calculate and track all tax withholdings
  • Email you a preview summary prior to each payday
  • Provide simple, family-friendly online payroll tools for easy changes
  • Distribute paperless paystubs to you and your employee
  • Manage payroll payments through Direct Deposit (optional)
  • Prepare federal and state tax returns
  • File all returns with the proper tax agencies
  • Remit the employee and employer taxes to each tax agency
  • Handle all your year-end documents
  • File accurately and timely
  • Provide audit support

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